What Does Forma Facial Do? Everything You  Need To Know!

We are excited to introduce the Forma skin-tightening facial!

You may have heard of this treatment because it is a popular choice among celebrities. However, it is also one of the most effective ways to rejuvenate the skin and a great option for almost anyone.

What is the Forma Facial?

The Forma facial is a non-invasive, targeted skin tightening procedure using bi-polar radiofrequency technology. Like at the focal point of most skin-reviving medicines, the objective is to invigorate collagen creation, which is answerable for keeping the skin tight and firm.


The body’s wound-healing response is activated when the skin is heated to a certain temperature. This causes the body to produce collagen, which makes the face appear tighter, lifted, and with more contours. The tissue just below the skin’s surface is also contracted when radiofrequency heat is applied, resulting in a tightened and lifted appearance.

Who should get the Forma Facial?

Anyone can benefit from the Forma facial. Patients of all ages adore it for its ability to lift and tighten the skin, while younger patients adore it for its brightness and definition.

The main benefit of the formal facial is that it tightens the skin, not just for people with a lot of loose skin. Anyone who wants to keep the integrity of their existing skin will benefit greatly from this treatment. It’s perfect for a quick glow-up before a big event or as part of a six-treatment bundle.

Is the Forma Facial painful?

No. You won’t feel any pain during the Forma Facial, similar to a hot face massage. Your provider will adjust the settings on the wand to ensure that it is at a tolerable temperature based on the areas of the face that are being targeted. The treatment wand is set at 109 degrees, which certainly sounds hot. Different parts are more vulnerable than others.

This treatment typically does not call for the use of a numbing gel, but if you have sensitive skin, this can be applied to lessen any discomfort.

Is there any downtime?

There is no downtime during the Forma facial, which takes around thirty minutes. After the treatment, some patients may notice the heat reddened their faces, which usually disappears within an hour.

Also, you can see the results right away. After just one sitting, your skin will feel firmer and glowing (I love that). However, we recommend a series of six treatments spaced one week apart if we aim for skin laxity and a real tissue contraction. We recommend four maintenance treatments per year following the initial series of six treatments.

The Benefits of the Forma Facial

Although many anti-aging cosmetic treatments are available, the Forma facial has many advantages of its own!

There is no need for additional recovery time after treatment because the procedure is non-invasive. The Forma facial is similar to a facelift in that it doesn’t require you to have surgery or take time off afterward.

Additionally, the Forma facial delivers results right away! When you can get brighter, more radiant skin immediately, why wait?

It will improve your skin’s texture and give your face a lifted tightened appearance.

The Forma facial can be applied to the jaw, cheekbones, brow bone, and nasolabial folds, or the lines visible around the nose and mouth, to help correct areas of aging.

Forma Facial: Procedure and Cost

Now that you know what the Forma facial means to accomplish and its many advantages, we should examine what you can anticipate from the method.

A heated wand is used to iron the skin to fuel collagen production in the skin. This wand is around 109 degrees, which sounds hot, yet the treatment is without torment for most clients.

A numbing cream will be put on the skin before the treatment if you have sensitive skin. This diminishes responsiveness as well as helps tenderly get the warmed wand across the face.

The wand will be used to treat each part of the face to make sure that every part is covered. The temperature will be reduced when necessary because some areas are more sensitive than others.

For instance, the skin around and under the eyes is probably the most touchy skin on the face. Be that as it may, this is additionally where we frequently give indications of maturing.

In order to make the eyes appear brighter and tighter, the Forma facial wand can be safely used under the eyes.

A 30-minute Forma facial treatment is all it takes!

Even though you might see results immediately after the first session, you should keep doing the treatment for the best results.

Forma facials cost $200 per session at Canyon Laser & Skin Care or $1,000 for six sessions.


Forma will encourage your skin’s collagen creation and diminish the aging signs. It will help define your face and increase skin elasticity.

Forma is one of many anti-aging treatments that Canyon Laser & Skin Care specializes in. Assuming you have any further inquiries concerning Forma or are prepared to begin your treatment today, contact us, and our authorized doctors will address you about our excellent medicines.

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